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Simon & Diana Thompson
Simon & Diana.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Malaysia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Ng Thong Kok, Ricky/ Cox, Peter & Debbie (int)

Simon and Diana had been approached many times to see the Amway business but their minds were firmly closed until the ninth attempt when Simon was introduced to the Network TwentyOne System. This time, he saw something different.

At that time, they were preparing to move from Sydney to Malaysia for family reasons and were actively looking for businesses they could establish in Malaysia. Simon saw the Amway business as a means by which he could fulfill his objective of being self-employed. However when they arrived in Malaysia, they encountered some obstacles – there was no Network TwentyOne System, no meetings, no tapes, no books and no upline! To top it all off, they only knew five people and Diana was totally opposed to the business! Simon says the reason they could build the business was because they took people to the Weekend Leadership Seminars (initially in Australia) and they got people to listen to tapes.

A lifestyle trip to Hawaii for leaders changed Diana’s attitude completely. At that function, Diana decided that she wanted to be with those she loved, rather than be shackled to her demanding job as an accountant. As Diamonds they can devote lots of time and energy to their two children Luke and Erin.

Simon and Diana believe that the continuing education programme and the values taught by Jim and Nancy Dornan have helped them to be better parents. Says Diana, “.....we are not just feeding, clothing, providing shelter and education for these kids, which is what most parents do if they are too busy. We have the time to spend talking, playing, travelling and imparting values that are important to us.” There is also the benefit of being able to spend time holidaying with both their extended families.

They truly believe that the value of the business is not just the money you make. It’s having the time to enjoy life with the people you love.

Chronology of achievements

Direct Distributor - July 1995
Emerald - July 1996
Diamond - August 1997
Founders Diamond - August 2002
Double Diamond - August 2011

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