Talib, Zulkifli & Shamsudin, Fathiah

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Talib, Zulkifli & Shamsudin, Fathiah
Zul & Fathiah.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Malaysia

Network 21

LOS Upline: Abel Iskandar & Roshni Aziz
Website: [[1]]

Zul & Fathiah

For 30 years, Zul led a very successful corporate career in a public-listed company and held his last position as Chief Executive Officer. After more than two years of building the business, he gained the financial freedom to leave the corporate world. Fathiah was an entrepreneur and owned several conventional businesses. But she realized that she was at her clients’ mercy, and wanted to gain total control of her life.

They stumbled onto the Amway business when they dropped in on their best friend on a social visit. They were “accidental prospects”. They thought about their friends succeeding in the business and didn’t want to be left out. At first, Zul was skeptical, as the business didn’t quite fit into the million-ringgit projects he was used to seeing. Later, they both realized the immense potential of the business at a Weekend Leadership Seminar and Fathiah saw the chance to regain control of their lives.

Within 13 months of that seminar, they became Emerald Directs. Fathiah’s goal to replace her ailing conventional businesses drove them on. They trusted and followed the system, and listened to their upline. Fueled by the arrival of their newborn baby Sabrina, Zul and Fathiah reached Diamond level in only three years. They wanted to give Sabrina a great life. For her LOVE is spelt as unlimited time with full time parents. Today they are full-time parents to Sabrina and Ereena who are 8 years and 2 years old respectively.

Through the business, Zul and Fathiah have traveled to many places. Their greatest joy as a family was spending time at the home of Crown Ambassadors Jim and Nancy Dornan in Atlanta, Georgia. All these pleasures have made it worth the challenges and inconveniences they have encountered in building their business. And they will always believe that the longer you take to build it, the longer you will be challenged on whether it is worthwhile.