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Kamaljiet Singh & Jasmin Kaur Deo
Kamaljiet Singh & Jasmin Kaur.jpg
Pin: Diamond (1998)
Markets: Malaysia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Ng Thong Kok, Ricky
Int. Upline: Karasz, Cecilia
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When Kamal was first introduced to the business, he was told that all he had to do was “draw circles, drink coffee, shake hands and smile” – and someone would help him do that!

It sounded like an easy enough propositions to achieve freedom. “I knew that if I was going to get good at something, I might as well get good at something that will give me freedom,” he said.

When Kamal moved to Australia from Malaysia where he was born, he was looking for a better life. At that time, Kamal worked as a computer engineer on submarines in Australia and Jasmin was a plastic engineer at a Barbie doll factory in Malaysia. “We wanted to travel, wake up when we had finished sleeping, have a fulfilling career, lots of friends and be debt-free. Instead we were broke and had no time,” he said.

The business is not obvious and that’s why after attending a Weekend Leadership Seminar in Australia, Kamal decided to build the business seriously. Soon after, he married Jasmin and decided to move back to Malaysia where they built the business together. Jasmin was told that anything less than 40 years is a bonus.

Today, they relish being full-time parents to their 2 young children, Herlyn & Ashlyn. “It’s great to have the freedom to take the kids out and spend time with the family whenever we feel, especially during the weekdays”

People can build the business at their own pace. Having faith and staying focused for two to five years can bring great results. Kamal and Jasmin are the first to stress that anyone can operate a successful business if they are prepared to follow the guidelines laid out for them in the Network TwentyOne system.