Abel Iskandar & Roshni Aziz

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Abel Iskandar & Roshni Aziz
Abel & Roshni.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Malaysia

Team X'treme

LOS Upline: Diana Choo

Abel & Roshni EXECUTIVE DIAMONDS - Malaysia

Armed with an education in Civil Engineering and Computer Science respectively, Abel and Roshni first began their careers as young officers in the Malaysian Army in 1986. They subsequently moved on to the corporate sector where Abel worked in project management & construction, while Roshni started climbing the corporate ladder in the IT industry.

Developing their financial independence from a networking business was the last thing on their minds. Nevertheless, the total package of the business, with it’s potential rewards, proven support made it worth investigating. Even so, their business had not been without its challenges, and as they built their business to the point of profitability, they were still unsure if this was really the answer. Roshni quit the corporate rat race and started her own computer training business, unaware of the stress and problems associated with a conventional business.

It was the seminars that helped them find the answers to their questions. The freedom and quality of life that some Diamonds had was quite irresistible and they made a decision to get serious. They replaced Roshni’s income in 1997, which allowed her to shed the burdens of her conventional business and qualified as Diamonds in August 2000.

Since then they have both been full-time parents for their two children, Raoul and Serene. They have traveled together all over the world. They moved to Australia, where the kids attended private school, whilst still keeping a waterfront home in Malaysia, to come back to when the winters got too cold.

They built to EDC under the banner of N21, and in April 2013, decided to go on their own and today run an independent organisation focussing on the profitability of new IBO's.

Today they spend more time in Malaysia with the aim of further growth in their business in the region.

With adult children now, they have the freedom to freely shuttle between their two home bases.

Despite the various challenges along the way, this business has given them options – the ability to have fun creating leverage, whilst being free, and leading a life of significance by helping others do the same. They continue to be inspired by the legacies that have been left by other leaders in the business who have built significant organisations.