Beaird, Dallas & Betty

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Dallas & Betty Beaird
Dallas Beaird.jpg
Pin: Crown Ambassador (1980)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Beaird, Wayne & Kay

Dallas & Betty Beaird qualified Crown Ambassador in 1980. Dallas got his general contractors license at 21 and owned a construction company prior to joining Amway. He was also an FAA certificated pilot by the 19. Dallas's brother Wayne Beaird is a Crown IBO.

In 1979, the Beairds enjoyed their best month in business by breaking 4 downline Crowns! including Australian Crown IBO David & Nadia Comyns. They have large groups based in Japan. They recently broke a new United States diamond Simon & Julia Yu.

They have a home in West Covina Ca, and have many horses at their Riverside, California Ranch and several dozen more at their Missouri farm. They also how cattle there as well. They have three children and their daughter Laurie is currently their business manager.

Downline Diamond