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South Africa
Local Name: Amway Southern Africa
Launch: August, 1997
Est. # IBOs: >30 000 [1]
Est. Sales:
Est. population: unknown
Note: Operates as part of Amway Southern Africa

see also Botswana, Namibia

Amway Southern Africa has regional offices in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, with the warehouse and distribution centre being located in the latter. Amway SA’s head office is at the entrance to the V & A Waterfront in Dock Road, Cape Town. Amway has also invested in Experience Centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town where its Independent Business Owners can familiarise themselves with the range of products, obtain relevant business tools, and receive training in the well-equipped meeting venues.

Amway South Africa L.L.C., expanded operations into Namibia in February 2001, and Botswana in September 2003.

Amway South Africa L.L.C., is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and is also a founding member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.[2]

The Artistry skin care and E. Funkhouser cosmetic ranges are responsible for the largest portion of Amway South Africa’s sales, at approximately 35%. Health & Wellness products make up a further 28%.[3]

In August 2007, Amway South Africa partnered with African Fashion International, with Artistry Cosmetics as the exclusive cosmetics partner for Fashion Week 2007 in Cape Town and Johannesburg.[3]

Amway Southern Africa operates as part of Amway's Australasian and southern African Region.[4]


ArtistryBody SeriesDish DropseSpringGlisterHymmiCookNutriliteMagnaBlocPositrimSA8SatiniqueProtiqueTolsom

Partner Stores

AmsureMWebVodaComNetFloristVIPS International


see also Botswana, Namibia

Double Diamond

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Executive Diamond

Harris, Kevin & Tamsine-Lee (2010)
Harris, Basil & Leonie (2010)


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