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Kevin and Tamsine-Lee Harris
Pin: Executive Diamond (2010)
Markets: South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Basil & Leonie Harris

Success Story

Real people behind the glitz and glamour

Kevin and Tamsine-Lee Harris

Newly weds, new Diamonds, beautiful people, beautiful house, successful careers: one could say that Kevin and Tamsine Harris have it all. They do, but to them, having it all has a different meaning from all the obvious symbols of success surrounding them.

This extra-ordinary couple is all about hanging in there and making things work on all levels; as business partners and as spouses. Having grown up in the Amway business, being surrounded by successful IBOs and people aware of their responsibilities as Independent Business Owners and the privileges that this business and lifestyle affords one, it is surprising to hear that Kevin did at the beginning of his adult life, look for greener pastures! He now admits that although he loves the architectural world, charmed by the challenge it offers to his strong creative side, he could never, no matter how talented he is, allow a corporation or another person to make decisions that affect his life. As he says, "I cannot have anyone pulling my strings. I hate being told what to do whether employed or in my own business. I am the master of my own destiny. I am the responsible person and in control. "

Tamsine echoes this as she used to be one of South Africa's upcoming young designers, loving the style and the creative process that goes into fashion and designing. She soon found out it could never afford her the lifestyle and freedom she aspires to and wants to establish as a by-product of her long-term career.

As a couple, Kevin and Tamsine are a formidable team and it is clear that they share the same vision and belief in their personal lives and business mission. Both of them come from families where close relationships have been carefully crafted between parents and children and immediate family plays a huge role in their every day life, sharing the little things and the most important things with parents and siblings! Kevin also has the accolade that he is the first second-generation Diamond in Amway Southern Africa, as he is the son of Basil and Leonie Harris. They want to offer this tremendous opportunity to all, and they know that those with even the slightest gist of an entrepreneurial spirit will rise to the challenge, and become another successful Independent Business Owner; another person who has risen above the financial trap that today's corporate life could offer.

It is difficult for both Kevin and Tamsine to cross paths with anyone without offering the tremendous opportunity they see in Amway. It has become their mission to build up other people and to reach out to them with what they believe is the most truly broad-based empowerment programme on offer in South Africa today: the Amway business opportunity. They enjoy their role of developing and nurturing growth in other IBOs, especially those in their downline.

Leaving a legacy in each and every person's life they meet, is their mission behind all the glitz and glamour. Being recognised as a Diamond is a destination on a journey that will take them to the highest rank; and above, and it is clear that they want to take each and every person they meet with them on their journey of success.[1]


Diamond (2007)

Executive Diamond (2010)


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