Haratin, Igor & Valeria

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Kharatin Igor & Valeriya
Pin: Founders Crown (2014)
Markets: Ukraine

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Bujwiccy, Izabela & Marek
Website: http://www.n21corp.com
Notes:also Emerald (2015) in United States





If it were not for Perestroyka, the lives of Kharatin, Igor & Valeria would not have been much different from those of thousands of young people who had graduated from pedagogical institutes and started their careers as school teachers. It took the Amway business little time to find a place in their hearts. Igor and Valeriya recognised that they were determined to reach their financial goals, to have free time and, most importantly – to work together, build their family business and help many other families to do the same. Igor often states: “Success is never final, mistakes are never fatal, and it is courage that counts!” This is the motto of the Haratins, of their organisation, and of those who are working together with them, building a future for their families.