Vijay Prakash & Madhvi Gupta

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Vijay Prakash & Madhvi Gupta
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Pankaj & Amita Titoria
Notes:Upline sponsor Emerald Vishnu Mehra, His Upline Pankaj & Amita Titoria, his upline Vinod & Sudha Kapoor & then Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur

(Businessman & Homemaker, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

I belong to a family involved in traditional business. As I was very passionate about acting, I got involved with the IPTA theatre about 15 years back. During this period, I have produced a TV serial, which has not yet been aired. However, now I am confident that with my Direct Selling business, I shall soon produce my own full-length movie.

I went to my first Direct Selling business meeting to oblige a friend of mine who was constantly inviting me for the same. However, that meeting has changed my destiny and today I thank him for bringing this opportunity in our life.

I have been building this business on part time basis for the first two years and full time for the next three years. Our success can easily be attributed to the mentorship and guidance of our great line of sponsorship, never ending contribution of the BWW system & last but not the least from my family, who have greatly supported me. Today, we enjoy the benefits of money, time and security. Most of our dreams are coming true, those that were dared to see, as well as, those we dared not!

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