Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur

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Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur
Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kaufmann, Pat & Betty

Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur (Computer Engineers, New Delhi)

Both Sumeet and Tanya went to United States looking out to fulfill their dream of having a prosperous and happy life with no place for any worry. Soon, they realized that their job as computer consultants was taking them away from each other, day by day.

Tanya was introduced to the Direct Selling business by a co-worker. After analyzing this business they were both convinced that this was the only business that could provide what they were looking for in their life. Along the way they also discovered that this was the only business that could provide "valuable things like loving and caring friends, unique teachings, and ethical values, which will not only help you in achieving success but will also, mould you into a more responsible and better person".

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