Harish Kumar & Hema Nagar

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Harish & Hema Nagar
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Vijay Prakash & Madhvi Gupta, Ravi & Ila Jain-Terminated
Website: www.brittindia.com

Harish Kumar & Hema Naggar (Home Maker(W) & Scientific Officer(H))

Hema is a homemaker and her husband is a Scientific Officer working with Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant, located at a remote secluded place at Rawatbhata near Kota in Rajasthan. They belong to a middle class family with limited means and big Dreams. She always wanted to achieve more from life and found herself shackled by meaningless traditions. She was on the look out for liberation.

Their family consists of parents, a sweet daughter Samikhsha: 11 years old, and the family of her enterprising brother-in-law who is the harbinger of Amway Business in their life. Her daughter too has big dreams and is truly supportive and encouraging to build Amway business.

Hema is thankful to her brother-in-law who introduced them to this business. She feels it was God’s grace that they were introduced to this wish fulfilling opportunity. Initially they felt that this opportunity was too simple, but soon realized that this potential offered them a chance to fulfill their Dreams which otherwise appeared unachievable. They are thankful to God that they accepted this opportunity and decided to pursue it irrespective of what may come in between. Speaking on this experience they add, “We were fully excited and our energy level increased beyond imagination.”

While building this business they had to commute upto Kota (50Km from place) and back everyday. They say that they did this because they were committed to fulfill their Dreams and also show the path and set an example of true devotion among their excited downlines.

In the initial years of building their Amway business, they faced challenges of criticisms from friends and relatives, who opposed the new path of liberation chosen by them. However, they were firm on their track with conviction and belief, and marched ahead towards their Goal. While on this journey, they met like minded new friends, who were ready to march with them.

Speaking on the rewards they received for pursuing the Amway business with single-minded conviction they say that Amway gave them exciting ALS Trips with wonderful hospitality around the globe, which not only increased their excitement level, but also encouraged their new found friends to qualify for the ALS trips and break new pins.

This entire experience strengthened their faith and helped them successfully transfer their faith to their downline leaders who were dreamers like them and believed in them truly. “They followed us and begot Success as Platinums in Amway Business and in the process we succeeded as New Diamonds. Now we get more time to live together and have a common Goal,” they conclude in contentment.