Pankaj & Amita Titoria

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Pankaj & Amita Titoria
Pankaj Amita Titoria12.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur
Notes:Upline sponsor Emerald Vinod & Sudha Kapoor & then Sumeet & Tanya Bahadur

Pankaj & Amita started the Direct Selling business in 1998. Their dream is to achieve the crown direct level and help friends to reach the crown direct level too. The philosophy behind the Direct Selling business is unique and this was what attracted us to join it.

Pankaj says, “If we earnestly follow the philosophy of this business, we believe, we will be successful and content. This is the most ethical and unique business on earth." Through the Direct Selling business they hope to find ways to fulfill their dreams and help others to do so. Amita is also excepting to soon join this business full-time. They say, "Everything in this world is within your reach if you have a strong desire."

Downline Diamond

Having nos. of downline diamond