T. Rajasekaran & R. Chandramathi

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T. Rajasekaran & R. Chandramathi
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Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: P Periaswamy & Kaviya by LOS, Desai, Kulin & Mina by LOA
Website: http://www.brittindia.com

T. Rajasekaran & R. Chandramathi (Mechanic, LIC agent & Homemaker )

A mechanic became a multi-millionaire! Yes it is true! I became a multi-millionaire not through any raffle, but through AMWAY business and because of the BWW system. I was leading a hand to mouth existence and life was full of worries, disappointments, despair and dismay.

In August 1998, when both my wife and I joined AMWAY, amazing changes occurred in our life. Our horizons widened because our outlook towards life changed from pessimism to optimism. With a better life style, our confidence level increased and with renewed vigour we were prepared to face the world. We now had a large number of friends, well-wishers and business team-mates from all walks of life and all over the world. We had learnt the art of converting precious time and effort into money. Within 18 months of joining AMWAY, we rose to the position of FIRST EMERALD in South India.

We thank GOD for our success. We would also like to express our gratitude to AMWAY and the BWW system and all our uplines and downlines for their support

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