Kalaivani G & Ganesh Kumar

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Kalaivani G & Ganesh Kumar
Pin: Founders Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: T. Rajasekaran & R. Chandramathi by LOS, Desai, Kulin & Mina by LOA
Website: http://www.brittindia.com

Downline Diamond

Success Story

(Homemaker & Businessman)

From Darkness to Light Kalaivani, along with her husband, found a wonderful opportunity because they could see their ideal life coming closer as a result of their efforts. And just as things seemed on the verge of completion, disaster struck. Kalaivani became a widow, facing an empty life ahead. This is when she realized the true worth of Amway. The business they had begun as a couple, now became her lamp in the darkness. Her guide in the wilderness.

Life became a question mark.When young Kalaivani lost her husband, unexpectedly her whole life turned upside down. This young widow was content being a homemaker and was happy to work with her husband to build the Amway business. But now, alone, helpless, left with 2 daughters Mahema and Manisha, without the support from her husbands family, Kalaivani struggled to cope with a world that had suddenly turned dark, strange, and unfamiliar.

A core of steel. Kalaivani was the familys favoured child, loved and indulged by her parents and her two brothers. But when she declared her intention to get married to the man she had fallen in love with, she faced great opposition from her conservative family. This was the first time that her hidden core of steel was revealed. Adamant upon her choice, she brought the family round to her point of view and the love marriage went ahead. Now this strength and stubborn will to live life on her own terms came forward again in the dark and traumatic time that followed her husbands death.

Amway lit the lamp“My husband had been the greatest influence in my life. The dreams that we dreamt together when we began Amway are my greatest inspiration, "says Kalaivani. She decided that she would not let those dreams crumble. Determined to gain financial security, Kalaivani focused all her will on Amway. And she found much more. "When I had lost all hope, when my life itself had become a question mark after my husbands death, Amway lit a lamp in my darkness. It gave me courage, confidence and consolation. It gave me its hand and lifted me back towards life."

"Becoming a Diamond in such a short period is my greatest achievements," says Kalaivani. She attributes her success to sheer hard work. She credits Amway with giving her hope and opportunity and for helping her to turn her stumbling blocks into stepping stones of success. Today she not only earns enough money to live the good life but has also earned a great many friends in India and abroad. Which she believes to be the greater earning of the two "My husband and I hand dreamt of visiting many foreign countries. Even though he is no more, this dream of ours has been fulfilled by Amway", She says emotionally.

  1. Milestones in their AmwayBy the grace of God, Kalaivani again got married to a wonderful person Ganesh Kumar; Kalaivani adores her husbands character and personality. Her life is beautiful again with her two daughters, husband and Amway. Kalaivani has no intention of resting on her laurels as a Diamond. "There is so much more to achieve yet "I want to become a Founder Crown Ambassador" she says emphatically. Looking at her track record the way she determinedly found her way from darkness into light, there is absolutely no doubt that Kalaivani will achieve everything she sets her mind to. She says "SO CAN YOU," "DO NOT LOSE HOPE, HAVE CONFIDENCE, YOU CAN WIN ONE DAY BECAUSE AMWAY IS WITH YOU ALL THE WAY." MILESTONES IN THEIR AMWAY Joined as ABO on August 23, 1998
  2. Platinum Qualification in May 1999
  3. Emerald Qualification in February, 2000
  4. Diamond Qualification in August, 2001