A Chandra Sekharan & C Krishnaveni

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A Chandra Sekharan & C Krishnaveni
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kalaivani G & Ganesh Kumar

I am a traditional businessman and my wife is a home maker. We were born in successful business families.

We had a luxurious life because of our successful traditional business, but it did not last long. My dad’s new business venture made huge losses, and our family had to go through a financial crisis from 1982 to 1992. Things changed and new era started after 1992. Money was surplus again, but I had no time to spend with my family. Our many manufacturing businesses boomed and later crashed. Similarly trading and marketing businesses also lost its market in few years due to changes in technology and competition. I was wondering if my business always needed my physical presence to support it. What if something happens to me? What would happen to the future of my family? I didn’t want my children and generations to go through the same pain I faced during the crisis period.

Even as I was busy with my schedules, I always had a fear of security, and a guilty feeling that I could not give sufficient time to my family. The Amway sales and marketing plan, with its world class FMCG products, opened my mind. The proven history of Amway in many countries over 40 years (in 1998) gave me the confidence and belief. Besides, the Britt system with its family values, team work, self development and encouragement ensured that we got our due recognition. We never had these in our traditional business.

The Amway business is ethical. I saw the ever growing market of Amway. This business has never gone down even during economic slow down in all countries, unlike what happened to conventional businesses. I always wanted to help people and the Amway business being a peoples’ business presented me that opportunity too. We also love to travel around the world, and if you come to think of it, the money earned is useless if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. All these factors prompted us to dive into action immediately.

Success never comes from excuses. So despite a busy schedule, I found time for Amway business. Slowly my priority changed. Initially, we started part-time. We used to show the plan and demonstrate the products to at least two people in a day. We encouraged our downlines to plug into the Britt system, to increase their confidence. SOP, Books and functions also helped increase their belief levels. Our patience and consistency helped us make huge growth.

Now, we have time, money and financial security, our life style has changed a lot, and more than that Amway and BWW has given us peace of mind.