E Usharani & P Elango

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E Usharani & P Elango
E Usharani, & P Elango.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: T. Rajasekaran & R. Chandramathi

E Usharani, & P Elango (Homemaker & Govt. Employee, Salem )

We are from agricultural background. I am homemaker and my husband is a govt. employee. We are blessed with two lovable children. We were searching for an opportunity to fulfill our dreams. But we were unable to invest a huge amount to start a business.

During this time God blessed us with the Amway opportunity through an office colleague. We were ready to learn, work hard and change to fulfill our dreams. We took a strong decision after attending the FED function and decided to acquire the lifestyle of the Diamonds. We thank God, uplines and downlines for their support and cooperation. We also wish to extend our felt thanks to the great BWW system which supported us with tools like CDs, Books and functions. [[