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Martin and Tracy Hutchins
Pin: Diamond - 2006
Markets: South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Cox, Peter & Debbie

Success Story

Two sentences impacted the lives of Martin and Tracy, 'If you don't change direction, you will land up where you are heading' and 'Is what you are doing today going to give you what you want?'

At the time they saw the Amway business, Martin and Tracy owned and managed a manufacturing concern, which they had for more than 15 years. Owning their own business was giving them a good life but they always hoped for a great life. What they realised was that hard work alone was not going to give them the lifestyle they wanted for their family. They saw Amway as a vehicle for change and long-term commitment and an opportunity to create a global income. They were also attracted to the kind of people that were building the Amway businesses and the time-aspect it provided. They liked the fact that the business plan created successful families as opposed to successful individuals.

Having both been divorced before, both Martin and Tracy have a different outlook on life. Their marriage and their kids are their most important asset. Tracy did not buy into the concepts right away, as she was worried that working in the evenings, over and above their full-time business, would mean that she would have limited time with her children. She has subsequently discovered that there is no other business that affords one time like this business does, once it is built. They also love surrounding their family with positive, motivated people who have each other's interests at heart.

For the Hutchins, having the opportunity to share their success and lifestyle with their children is a source of great happiness and pleasure. They support their children in spreading their wings, travelling and working overseas, getting to know other cultures and becoming 'citizens of the world'. It is important to them to introduce a wide range of choices to their sons, Gareth (26) and Andrew (21) and to their daughter, Claudia (18). Most people are conditioned to believe that your key to success is a university education, but Martin and Tracy encourage their children to make their own choices.

The Hutchins have been involved with Amway since 1997, and are an important part of the Amway Southern Africa success story. Their comment about the ALTS in Mauritius, says it all: "You can afford to go on holiday anywhere in the world, but you can't buy the company." One of the most rewarding aspects of the business is to be able to have an impact on other people's lives. They have discovered a world they want to be a part of and it is their mission to be able to take as many people as they possibly can with them onto a better life. Martin and Tracy have their heart set on making a difference. The Hutchins are also involved in charity work, assisting underprivileged children in the Diepsloot area. They find this extremely rewarding and plan to do more in the future. They particularly enjoy the fact that they have encouraged fellow IBOs to join them on this journey.

Martin and Tracy are very motivated by travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited various countries in the last couple of years. They are booked to travel on the Diamond Forum Circuit for the next couple of months, and this includes visits to Australia, Germany, New Zealand and Colorado in the USA. As they say, "You need a dream, courage, hard work and persistence to build this business but it really is worth it". They have common goals and dreams and enjoy working together as a team.

The Hutchins see Amway Southern Africa moving into a period of massive growth in the next couple of years and they are making sure that they are part of the growth.[1]


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