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eSpring® Water Treatment System

The eSpring water purification unit is a point-of-use system about the size of a countertop coffeemaker that is available in two models, a countertop unit and an under the counter version. The eSpring system utilizes two types of action, a physical filter composed of an activated charcoal block, and an ultraviolet light that kills most organisms in the water. It eliminates most carbon-based water impurities, but most inorganic substances are not removed, such as most metals.

In the current model, filters must be replaced yearly or after approximately 1350 gallons of use, said to be sufficient for a family of six for one year for drinking and cooking purposes. Observation has shown that heavily contaminated water may shorten the lifespan of the filter. At the end of the filter's lifecycle, the unit will start beeping until the filter is replaced. The unit can tell if a filter is new, partially used or expired, and so taking out the filter and putting it back in probably will not fool it. This feature is because of concerns that an old filter represents a potential source of significant pollutants and it could release them into the waterflow, making the water worse than without the unit altogether.

The Amway Corporation tracks purchases of eSpring units. Platinums and above may contact the Corporation for leads on "orphaned" units in a specific area for servicing, either for themselves or on behalf of other business owners.

Awards and Recognitions

The first company to develop in-home system's that combine a patented carbon-block filter with ultraviolet light and an electronic monitoring system the only system verified to effectively remove lead, THMs and more than 140 contaminants the first company in the world to have a carbon/UV system that meets NSF International Standards 42, 53 and 55 - three internationally recognized water quality standards certified by NSF International for the reduction of more contaminants than any other UV carbon based system the first system to use wireless inductive coupling technology to increase safety and reliability

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