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Welcome to your new Cookware! With iCook Stainless Cookware you can prepare delicious, nutritious meals for yourself and your family with the extra benefit of highly efficient kitchen tools. Not only that, but your premium quality iCook Stainless Cookware is both elegant and convenient.

Thanks to premium-grade materials, precision manufacturing and the thoughtful planning behind each feature, the iCook Stainless Cookware offers superb cooking performance, versatility and beauty that is compatible with all hobs and which will last for years to come.

The Vitalok™ Cooking Method results in meals that you and your family will enjoy and that look good, taste delicious and contain more of the vitamins and minerals that you need. How? The water seal between the pan and its lid allows meats, fruits and vegetables to self-baste, locking in flavour and nutrients while keeping colour and texture.

You can also benefit from greater energy-efficiency with Stack Cooking. This lets you prepare more food on a single energy source, such as a gas or electric ring, by stacking a small utensil on top of a larger utensil. Base design and 3 ply stainless steel pan construction delivers uniform heat distribution and retention to both utensils for perfect results.

With the DURAMIC™ technology in the iCook Non-stick Cookware range, less added fats are required when cooking. And due to the external and internal reinforcement process during manufacturing, the iCook Non-stick Frying Pans are some of the toughest, long lasting, most durable non-stick frying pans in the world.

iCook™ Cookware range

iCook™ Stainless Cookware

The combinations give you almost unlimited versatility for synchronised meal preparation. You can even cook an entire meal on one burner, saving energy and space. For effi cient storage, turn the lids upside down – and the pans nest inside each other!

iCook™ Non-stick cookware

iCook Non-Stick Cookware has been designed to off er superb performance year after year. Complementing the existing iCook™ Stainless Cookware range, Non-Stick off ers the OPTITEMP™ slab base for enhanced heat distribution and DURAMIC™ non-stick coating to give added durability and great release properties when cooking foods.

iCook™ Knives

Designed for comfort, ease of use and performance, the iCook™ Knife Collection comes together with ergonomically designed handles and specifi c weight positioning to ensure they feel both well balanced and lively, ensuring control and stability whenever you use them.

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