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Ritu & Ashutosh Rastogi
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June 1991


Life is funny  :: it never turns out the way you expect! Who would expect two well-educated individuals settled in the United States for a number of years to leave all that lifestyle and comfort, and move back to India to launch a company that sells soap? Well this is about two people who chucked a fantastic lifestyle and moved back for one of the biggest opportunities of this century. Meet Ashutosh and Ritu Rastogi.

I [Ritu] was born in New Delhi but moved to the US at the age of four. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Houston. Ashutosh was born in Lucknow then moved to Canada and the US for further studies. He completed his B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur, his Masters from the University of Toronto and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. After having lived and worked in the US for a number of years, we both felt that we would like to return to our roots. Both of us knew that we would like to move back to India but were not sure that when the time came that we would be able to. Like so many NRIs settled comfortably we too dreamt of making a difference, giving back something to the country of our birth. The difference is that we actually did.

This Business entered into our lives in June of 1991 while living in Houston. Ashutosh was working as a Senior Project Manager for a world famous engineering company. I had just left my work as a Management Consultant after the birth of our first son, Eshan, and was looking for something to do from home. Even during my work I occasionally felt that I was being underpaid and overworked. I wanted to find a business where I had to work for lesser time and get higher returns. We wanted to own our own business. But after analyzing so many franchises and other small businesses, we realized the start-up costs were huge and the risk of failure was immense. On the other hand, Business seemed perfect, neither the investment was large nor the risk factor. Ashutosh understood the plan perfectly, the minute he saw it, it took me a little longer to understand the true potential of this fantastic business opportunity. In short, it was the perfect business, something that could be worked from the house in our spare time. Later as I looked at other traditional businesses, I was convinced that there is no better business plan than the business. That was exactly how our business began.

In two years we built a thriving business and learned the basics of the business from our mentors Crown Ambassadors. In 1993 we moved back to India and waited very impatiently for Business to open its Indian market. When the Indian market launched in May 1998 Ashutosh and I restarted our business with great energy. Our hard work and never say die attitude is what has propelled us to the Founders Diamond level. Of course we have taken inspiration from our children Eshan and Aman. As Founders Diamonds we feel that our success lies through this noble and honest business.

The thrill of success is much greater than all the moments of hardships. It is true that it has been a most joyous experience in reaching this level but what makes me happier is the fact that we have been able to touch a million lives through this noble and honest business. Since then we have been enjoying the choices that have been offered to us by the business.

Don't let anyone steal your dreams and never quit. This business has only just begun! Ninety percent of your business will be built in the coming years. Think about that. Top

Me & My Book Ashutosh Rastogi Dr. Ashutosh Rastogi is a versatile and highly qualified professional. Originally B. Tech from IIT, Kanpur, he holds Masters degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada. After a professional stint in the United States lasting more than a decade, he joined the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), where he conceived the Research and Technology Development Department and headed the Strategic Planning Group. He has been professionally affiliated with the Research Advisory Council of Engineers India Limited and the Research Council of National Institute of Oceanography, Goa. Besides that, he has been a member of Tata Energy Research Institute, Advisor on PEERS programme, invitee to Indian National Science Academy, member of the Technical Group on Hydrocarbon Exploration for Petrotech 2001, Coordinator for Joint Workshop on Gas Hydrates under the Indo-Russian Long Term Programme, and founder and technical committee member of the National Gas Hydrate Programme. Dr. Rastogi is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of Quest Group of Companies. During the past decade his focus has been to make a holistic contribution to the development of the country so that there emerges the ‘India of his dreams’ with new sources of energy, no unemployment, reform in agriculture and human resource development. An accomplished speaker and a prolific writer with a number of patents to his credit, he has contributed many papers to scientific journals and symposia, besides having authored a bilingual book, Basis of Success: Human Relations (Safalta ka Aadhaar: Lok Vyavhar).


As the title, India of Our Dreams, suggests, this book gives the reader a glimpse of the India we all aspire for – an India which is pollution-free, has abundant sources of clean energy, optimum employment and human resource development, right from the metropolitan cities and towns to the remotest villages. The text focuses on what needs to be done to realize that dream. It starts with a picture of the ‘India of Today’, the numerous problems and dilemmas that we face and goes on to define what steps we can take to realize our dream, no matter what walk of life we come from. The underlying emphasis is that, regardless of our economic and social status, all of us living in India have to walk on the same road. Breathe the same air and drink the same water as those around us. We all have the right to a common minimum but decent level of education, food and health services – no matter which region of the country, urban or rural, we inhabit. We have the rights, but we also have the duties that are binding; and both rights and duties go hand-in-hand. It is up to us to assess what we can do to ensure that we enjoy our rights. To text systematically delves into the issues that touch the lives of all living in India. It quotes success stories, tried and tested experiments, outlines the existing and expected obstacles, and suggests the remedies. All through runs strong the author’s conviction that we can make India better that the West that we envy because we have the greatest resource – human resource – in numbers as well as in intellect and skill. We can harness it ourselves, or pass the buck to concerned agencies or government – the option is ours.

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