Nitish Dixit

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Nitish Dixit
Nitesh Dixit.jpg
Pin: Diamond (2005)
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Bose, Partho & Nandini
Notes:also affiliated to Quest For Success


Diamond 2005


  • Ritu Shahi & Ajeet Singh (Emeralds)
  *Shalini & Jitendra Pratap Singh, 
      Diamond 2009, BWW


I was an average student, pursuing B.Com first year when I joined immense business opportunity. I didn’t have any idea of its potential and pursued it only for some pocket money but future had something else in store for me. I got associated with some successful business leaders who gave me the vision, owing to which it started giving high dividends. It was then that I realised the true potential of the business and started taking it very seriously.

My father was an Executive Engineer and my mother is a simple housewife. I have one elder sister, two younger brothers and one younger sister. We lost our father in a road accident, when I was in class X. I was very concerned about my family and had a big question in my mind: “How will our family life move on?” I wanted to provide my family whatever they desired but didn’t have any concrete solution for the same. The quest for my dreams was over when I joined business. Initially, This business was just a way to take care of my personal expenses but today it is the only reason which is responsible for my family’s improved lifestyle and financial status.

Business provided me the opportunity to attend six Annual leadership Seminars held in different locations, all overseas. I have changed 4 cars in last 5 years. It is only due to success in business that today I can offer the best possible education to my brothers and sisters. I believe this is the best opportunity for everyone especially students as they can pursue it with their studies and can make a career out of it. I did my graduation in Commerce and then my MBA while building this business and that too with first class grades. I recently found my life partner in Ankita. One more reason to look forward to the future and now I believe that both of us will work together and develop this business with double the effort.

I am extremely grateful to Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel for creating this opportunity and staff of India for their continuous support and for always being there when we need them. Business helped me overcome my personal fears as it converted me from an introvert to an extrovert. It has given me the confidence to stand on my own and bestowed on me the power to change the lives of others too. I am blessed with a dynamic team of wonderful leaders who are moving ahead to transform India by changing people’s lives. With the help of this out of the world opportunity we are sure to make India a dream country.