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Bindu and Sajeev Nair
Pin: Founders Double Diamond (2009)
Markets: India

Team one

LOS Upline: Ritu & Ashutosh Rastogi
Notes:also worked with Winners International


Founders Double Diamond (2009)



I am a post graduate in Analytical Chemistry, Business Administration and Advertising. My wife, Bindu, has done an Interior Designing course. After completing my MBA in 1994, I started my career with one of the largest consumer electronics company in India. But in just 5 years I changed my job four times, moving to different sectors. I was searching for something more enjoyable and satisfying. I dreamt of an opportunity wherein I could implement my ideas. I wanted to have time flexibility at work. I wanted the liberty to be the master of my future rather than leave it to my "boss" to decide my future. In other words, I desired more freedom for my family and myself.

Bindu also had the same frame of mind. Our quest for personal freedom took us to a meeting where we saw the Amway business plan for the first time. This meeting was the turning point in our life. I was working with a leading petroleum company when we saw the plan. We were financially well off. But we wanted to be more than just well off.

We soon realized the huge potential in this business and obtained the courage to go ahead. Most of our friends were not very happy with the decision we took and often made fun of us. However, we were pretty sure that the last laugh would be ours and that has come true.

I was involved in the Amway business part-time till August 2000. The attainment of the Emerald level was the turning point. Since August 2000, we have become full time parents to our two children, Aditya and Aishwarya.

It is not money, but the recognition and freedom of choice that attracted us to this unique business. I neither wanted to dominate others nor allow others to dominate me. The Amway business has given me the flexibility to have such a career.

Through the Amway business, we were able to reach out to thousands of families and could help them fulfill their dreams. We dedicate our success to the hard work and commitment of our team along with the extensive support and guidance from our uplines. This business has turned out to be a blessing in disguise to our quest for flexibility, success, recognition and social contribution by helping others. Our dream is to help enough people to reach their goals and at the same time touch millions of lives.