Antony Varghese C & Nirmala Mar

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Antony Varghese C & Nirmala Mar
Antony Varghese C & Nirmala Mary.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Nair, Bindu & Sajeev

Success Story

Antony Varghese C & Nirmala Mary.jpg, India Varghese Antony.C and Nirmala Mary,

Businessman & Civil Engineer

I was into Building Material business before joining Amway in Oct 2000. I was a big dreamer and wanted to achieve a quality life for me and my family. For this I tried various traditional businesses, as I knew only a good business could take me closer to my dreams. First I ventured out into transportation business then to Movie Making and then to building material business.

At the time of joining Amway, I was earning a good income equivalent to that of an Emerald Income in Amway business, but the project I was involved stopped abruptly and I ended up with a huge liability. I was at a cross road and did not know what to do next. That was the time when one of my old school mates introduced me to this wonderful opportunity. I was intelligent enough to understand the potential of this business and believed that this business is for me and embraced it since then. The role of my sponsor was just to introduce me into this business.

By the grace of God, I got connected to my uplines and they helped and made me believe that this was the opportunity I was looking for. Since then I never looked back and kept building this business with excitement. There were many occasions where my business was down because of various negativities in the market. We overcame all these with the help of my uplines, the company and my ever growing team. I qualified as silver in Oct 2001 and attended the first ALS in 2002. That changed the total picture of my business. I could not even pass the Matric examination. But that did not stop me in any way. In fact it helped me to start learning other languages so that the business could be expanded to other places. Today I have business in all the southern states and many of the states outside the region as well. I believe the secret of success lies in continuous, consistent and persistent action. Today I am proud that I could achieve some of my dreams and influence a number of families and bring hope and prosperity to them. All these years it was my mother who empowered my achievements and now I have my life partner Nirmala to join me in my efforts in forging ahead to help achieve the dreams of thousands of families and bring prosperity and happiness to them.

I firmly believe that we have the mission to take this business to millions of people and give them an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential and thereby helping to realise their dreams.