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Amway Brunei
Local Name: Amway (B) Sdn. Bhd.
Launch: May 1993
Est. # IBOs: unknown
Est. Sales: unknown
Est. population: 415,000 (July 2013)

Amway Brunei Darussalam

Amway Brunei commenced its operations on May 1993 as Amway (B) Sdn. Bhd. (ABSB). It is one of the branch under Malaysia Market. It was converted to Amway Shoppe Plus and started operation on 10th January 2011.



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Personal Shoppers Catalogues

Amway Brunei sells about 200 different types of Exclusive Local brand products, it includes Home Appliances, Jewelery, MyBodyShaper Garment, Fashion Accessories, Home & Decor, Apparels, Leathers and small goods, Mobile phone prepaid card, Personal Items, Infant/Child products, Automotive Lubricants products, Houseware & Aerosol, Foods & Beverages, and Festive Seasoning products.