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AMWAY Floor Shine Floor Cleaner (1 Litre)


  • Amway exclusive product for Malaysia.
  • When it comes to squeaky clean floor and a glossy look to match, Floor Shine beats the competition.
  • No-rinse formula : Makes cleaning all water-safe surfaces a breeze without the sticky, slippery feeling.
  • Suitable for all water-safe flooring
  • A versatile floor cleaner for marbles, granite, parquet, cement, tiles, mosaic and other water-safe surface.
  • Custom blend wax :Protects and leaves floor with a glossy shine that makes future cleaning easier.
  • Concentrated 1L bottle :You get up to 50 uses out of a bottle – so much more compared to other brands in the market.
  • Anti-bacterial and unsurpassed cleaning action :Contains Triclosan, an active ingredient that effectively removes germs. Also cuts through grease and grime effortlessly.
  • Fresh, clean fragrance :Leaves a lingering, refreshing scent.
  • Use direction: Shake well. Dilute 1 capful (20ml) to 8 -10 litres of water in a bucket. No rinsing required.

AMWAY Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (500ml)


Beautify and protect the leather, vinyl and plastic items in your home.

AMWAY Leather & Vinyl Cleaner’s abrasive-free formula effectively removes dirt and grime as it softens, conditions and gently polishes. It helps resist stains and water, and leaves items smelling fresh with a lingering pine and floral scent.

Special silicone ingredient helps prevent leather from drying and cracking, keeping it soft and supple without removing its natural oils.

A versatile, rich creamy liquid, you can use it on leather, vinyl and plastic luggage, handbags, boots, shoes, jackets, skirts, belts, sporting goods and even car and boat interiors.

It’s fast acting too. Just wipe it on and rub briskly, let dry briefly, wipe off then buff lightly.

Note: Not to be used on suede.


AMWAY Car Wash (1 litre)


   * Cleans your car but leaves the shine. Does not strip away the car's polish or protective wax.
   * Concentrated 1 litre formula will give you up to 200 washes to whisk away road film, grease and grime.
   * Will not streak or film.
   * Environment friendly - phosphate-free formula and biodegradable surfactants.
   * Can be used for cleaning vinyl tops, tyres, wheel covers, chrome and rubber trim.
   * Also for vehicles like motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles and campers.



   * Powerful formula that lifts grease, grime and even dull, oxidised surfaces into a polished gleam that lasts for months.
   * Creamy polish is easy to apply and will resist road grime, tar and water-spotting.
   * Multi-silicone formula leaves a protective coating on your car.
   * Also, cleans and polishes kitchen appliances, counter tops, porcelain, ceramic and wall tiles.
   * Do not use on recently resprayed or new cars for a period of 2 months. 

Instant Tyre Shine (350g)


   * Offers a quick, easy way to keep tyres looking glossy and new, helps reduce build-up of road grime.
   * Non-drip, ready to use formula leaves a protective layer that makes it easier to clean your tyres.
   * Features a unique 'fan nozzle' for better control for a more even application and minimise dispersion and wastage.
   * Special 180º valve lets you spray even when can is upside down.
   * Can be used on rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces in your home and car, to restore its shine.