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SUDZY Bath Gel (275ml)


To meet the need for a bathing product for children that is gentle and yet effective, new Sudzy Bath Gel has been formulated to be ultra mild and still provide thorough cleansing and natural skin conditioning for children. Kids will simply love its fruity scent while you are assured that its blend of ultra mild cleansing agents will gently remove dirt and impurities from delicate skin, leaving it clean and conditioned.

Why is Sudzy Bath Gel recommended for children? What makes it so different? Contains pure Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera has been used for centuries due to its healing powers, soothing gentleness and anti-inflammatory qualities. Instead of synthetic moisturisers, ultra mild Sudzy Bathing Gel pampers delicate skin with the soothing, antibacterial and highly moisturising properties of pure Aloe Vera gel. Unlike many products that merely feature Aloe Vera extracts from the tip of the leaf, Sudzy Bathing Gel features pure Aloe Vera Gel from the entire leaf which is more potent than gel extracted merely from the tip of leaves.

Soap free and pH balanced: soap-based products are generally alkali in nature and this high pH level can cause an uncomfortable tightness of skin. In children, this excessively high pH may result in scratching and subsequently, irritation.

No more worries! Sudzy Bath Gel is soap-free! Its blend of mild cleansing agents gently cleanse delicate skin without creating dryness, tightness or irritation. Many bath soaps or soap-based products may have a pH of 9 or more. This could lead to dryness and tightness of skin, especially for children or people with sensitive skin. Sudzy Bath Gel has a pH ranging from 5 to 7, to complement the natural pH level of our skin.

Additionally, Sudzy Bathing Gel is also recommended as a daily bath gel for individuals with sensitive skin or various skin disorders. The ultra mild formulation cleanses gently without irritating sensitive skin while the Aloe Vera Gel calms and soothes irritated skin.

SUDZY Herbal Shampoo (275ml)


No knots are too tough with Sudzy Shampoo extra tangle-tamer conditioner! Sudzy Shampoo is specially formulated for kids with conditioning agents that leaves hair soft, smooth and tangle-free. Its mild and gentle formula effectively removes build-up and adds volume, fullness and bounce to hair.

Our exclusive herbal blend consists of the following botanicals:

   * Chamomile known for its soothing and softening effects on hair.
   * Calendula extracted from the Marigold flower has soothing effects on the scalp and brightening effects on hair.
   * Carrot seed adds elasticity and shine to hair.
   * Elder flower to soothe and soften hair.
   * Myrrh acts as moisturiser.

Protect the natural shine and softness of your child's hair with Sudzy Shampoo. Kids will simply love washing their hair with it everyday. Soap-free, tear-free and pH balanced formula. Also great for those who like a mild or daily use shampoo.

Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.