Aloe Care

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Aloe Care


For effective skin healing and protection

Aloe Care is a multi-purpose aloe vera gel, supplied and backed by Terry Laboratories, USA – one of the world’s largest, most reputable aloe vera manufacturers, who has been pioneering research and development of new processes and products in the aloe vera industry since 1973. The aloe vera used is sourced from Terry Laboratories’ aloe plantation which stretches 7,000 acres. A fully integrated manufacturer, Terry Laboratories is able to provide a constant and consistent source of high-quality aloe vera, and process their aloe on site.

Tender Care with Aloe Care!

From treating minor injuries and acne to moisturising dry, weather-beaten skin, the uses for aloe vera are wide and varied. Long regarded as a therapeutic plant, the many benefits of aloe vera are now harnessed into a convenient gel form in Aloe Care.

   * Derived from 100% pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf, one of the best leaves available
   * Added with glyceryl which delivers thicker gel, superior moisturisation, emolliency and suspension to gel
   * Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and provides relief from pain – effective for minor burns, cuts and wounds as well as pimples
   * Accelerates cell growth and regeneration
   * Absorbs quickly into skin to increase moisture; leaves skin with soft, smooth and cooling feeling
   * Excellent water solubility; non-greasy 

Aloe Care is supplied and backed by Terry Laboratories (USA), a reputable aloe vera manufacturer and pioneer in the field since 1973.