Ashish & Prabha Garg

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Ashish & Prabha Garg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India,United States


LOS Upline: Anurag & Nidhi Aggarwal

Life is ever changing making us dance to the tune of circumstances. We mostly follow it and feel like a person meant only for hardships. I had the same experiences in my career and life. I always thought that there is not much that I can achieve in life.

I and Prabha are born and brought up in Ghaziabad. We belong to a very middle class family. Both our parents are from teaching background and are family friends from decades. Though it seems likely but in contrast we never met until we were formally engaged.

After completing my education from Ghaziabad, I got selected in one of the premier Engineering Colleges--REC, Kurukshtera. After B.Tech. from REC, I also did MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. With all these degrees, I got good opportunities in India and abroad. But I always felt underpaid and living in a deep sense of insecurity. Prabha, who is a post graduate, also started feeling the same. In short, life had become some type of formality that we would have to live with.

The Amway business came in our lives as a fresh wave of air in May 98. Though, we started it with a lot of confusion -about business and ourselves. But with the excellent support system of BWW, where there is a continuous inflow of positive vibrations through Books, CD’s and function – we become from NOBODY to SOMEBODY in the business.

We started this business with a lot of hardships and most of the times we lived from hand-to-mouth. But the faith instilled through various meetings and functions on BWW was course changing for us. We are now living a truly blessed life. In this entire journey we were well supported by our dynamic sons: Prakhar and Varun – who many times became the STRONGEST EVER REASONS to do that extra work which separates ordinary from extraordinary. At all the times, my parents, especially my mother, were a guiding force and rock solid support for us in all critical times.

After achieving this milestone and looking back, I just can say – It’s all worth it. Prabha and I are all thrilled about the possibilities in future. We would like to motivate you to Go Ahead and Put Your Best Foot Forward. Your all Dreams are Just about to be get Fulfilled.

Downline Diamond