Anuj & Pratima Payal Singh

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Anuj & Pratima Payal Singh
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Ranjana Maheswari
LOA Upline: Ashish & Prabha Garg

Anuj & Pratima Payal Singh

We are both bankers, and have two lovely kids. Before building this business we were literally caught in a quagmire of purposeless and mundane life. We had very less savings, no freedom and no excitement in life at all. Unlike other colleagues, we could clearly see what lies in store for us 2o years down the line. And, there was very little to cheer about.

We have always been the top performers in every phase of life. Be it sports or job. Which is why when one of my husbands colleague introduced us to the Amway business, we decided to get it our best shot. We always wanted to have a lifestyle, and this business gave us a opportunity to do not just that , but also fulfill our wish of helping other people lead a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Success was never a problem for us. We always had a penchant for excellence and therefore we were always ready to go that extra mile to achieve it. The business opened new avenues for us and gave us recognition and freedom.

Earlier we never understood the value of having a goal in life. Now, even our kids understand how important it is to have a goal and work towards the same. This business in then true sense has brought us out of the closet. We have defined the course of our life and intent to pursue it with a single-minded dedication.

Emeraldship is not our destination, it is just a milestone in our ultimate journey towards Crown Ambassadorship. Which is a done deal.

Believe in yourself and your goals, success will soon be yours.