Anurag & Nidhi Aggarwal

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Anurag & Nidhi Aggarwal
Anu nidhi.jpeg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Riggan, Lew & Darlene
Notes:Re-Qualified as a Diamond

Anurag & Nidhi Aggarwal (MBA Students Ghaziabad (U.P.)

Nidhi, my wife belongs to a family of industrialists but I belong to a family where all were in service. In fact, I am the first and the only businessman in my family. I was also determined to better our future, because I had seen the problems faced by families living a hand-to-mouth existence. Nidhi was aware of the problems that one faced in a traditional business especially, that of financial insecurity. When I was in the third semester of my M.B.A., the Amway business opportunity came to me by chance, and that too, through a stranger who approached me with this plan. Instantly, the logic behind the concept was clear to me and I knew that this concept, with a strong leadership could do miracles in this country. Without wasting any time, I started the business immediately. I took active interest in building this business while Nidhi supported me morally and in many other ways. Within 5 months, I became Silver and thereafter we never looked back. I became Founder Emerald before I got married on 22nd January 2003. After we got married, Nidhi got actively involved in this business. The best part of our life is that we never had to take up a job because by the time our M.B.A. results were declared, we were Gold Producers. Initially, we faced many challenges. Also, nobody in our family believed that success was possible in this business. So, nobody supported us. But, with clarity of vision and a strong commitment, we just moved ahead. Today we are the masters of our destiny. We have all the time on earth; we not only spend a lot of time together but also with our parents. We are only in our thirties and are already Diamonds; it feels great. We are very thankful to Amway and our upline, because without their help success was not possible. Special thanks to our parents because ultimately, it is their values which keeps us on track.

Downline Diamond