Maheswari, Ranjana

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Ranjana Maheswari
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Priyamwad & Sunita Kumari

...PAWANKUMAR & RANJANA MAHESHWARI... My Husband is a senior government officer and I am a homemaker. We are blessed with two children: Megha, who has completed her MBA and Gaurav, who is in his final year of engineering.

In the beginning, I was sceptical about this business which I started with a small amount. But gradually, I understood the potential of this business and the financial security which can be achieved. I realized that the life which we were leading was dependent upon individual performance. However, this business could give us unlimited residual income; unlimited time and financial security by helping others achieve their goals & succeed.

This is a business of building people who in turn build this business. If you will work in the business, the business will work for you. People ask what the success rate in this business is. I say it is 100% for those who are willing to pay the price for success by taking small decisions in day-to-day life, setting priorities, aiming high and willing to change their thought process.

We are the product of the Britt Worldwide system which has changed our lives completely. We are thankful to God, our parents, our children, Amway, BWW, uplines and downlines who helped us to be successful.

The real business starts when your mind is doubtless and you start taking pride in your business. It is a business of decision not discussion. If you have decided to build the business: stick to it and never give-up.