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Anil & Bindu Narang
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Pin: Founders Executive Diamonds
Markets: India

BWW Shivram Kumar & Anjali [Founders Double Diamonds]

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I am a Civil Engineer from one of the reputed institutions in India. I was working as an Executive with the Punjab Government when I first came to know about the Opportunity. My wife, Bindu is a Post Graduate in Economics and worked as a Mathematics teacher in a Convent school for a short span after our marriage. My father was a Professor of Mathematics and my mother a homemaker. We have two children. Our son, Himanshu is 18 years old, pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree and is also an Business Owner daughter Mehak, 15 years, studying in class IX.

We were introduced to this business by my brother-in-law who works in the Merchant Navy as a Chief Engineer. He invited me to accompany him to one of the business meetings. Initially, I was reluctant to go because of my busy schedule. But when he insisted, I made up my mind to join him for the meeting. I came to know about the Business Plan for the first time, but was not able to comprehend much initially. The person who presented the plan was very impressive and made us realize the long term benefits. For a while I mulled over the decision, weighed all the pros and cons. The plan attracted us, as the initial investment was very little, with negligible risk. However, at the beginning I didn’t have complete belief in it. I don’t remember exactly why; but I joined the business on the same day. If today I look back and think, I could have listed one thousand reasons to say ‘NO’ to this business. I could have very easily ignored this business and lost the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. Thank God I didn't! It has made a big difference in my family’s life.

It was not the easiest but definitely the most rewarding decision that I ever took in my life. We achieved financial security, traveled to many places and made investments in real estate. Today we are living in a beautiful house. We have also made wonderful friends through this business opportunity. Apart from all these benefits, we enjoy the `freedom’ that this business has brought us. I left my job within a year of joining and worked full time building it. We learnt more about ourselves in the last 7 years with business, which we might not have learnt throughout our lifespan. This business helped us accomplish our quest for excellence. With each passing day, we continue to be more impressed with the business as it positively impacts the lives of many. We feel that we are privileged to spread the message of love, joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity to all; and this can be attained through this business which brings a package which is unmatched.

It has been a struggle, hard work, enormous learning and a disciplined life. This business can only be built by doing away with complacency. No matter, as some one truly said "Inconvenience is adventure if rightly considered."

We are thankful to our uplines who made this business possible for us and also for touching our lives. Each day we thank God for blessing us. The strongest desire in our minds, which is also the purpose of our lives, is to help many people to reach Diamond level in the Business and to celebrate their achievement.

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