Alok & Bhavna Uppadhyay

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Alok & Bhavna Uppadhyay
Alok & Bhavna Uppadhyay.jpg
Pin: Founders Emerald
Markets: India


LOS Upline: R.P & Chandra Singh

We are from Dehradun. We have two lovely children Akshat & Vaishnavi. They are the reason for us to build the Amway business. We want to give them the best lifestyle, and we know the AMWAY business is the right vehicle to achieve our dreams. Today our life has completely changed. Our children are happy, we can sleep peacefully. We need not worry about Inflation or recession. Our future is fully secured. Our philosophy of working the Amway business is this: Work as hard as you can, to you can earn as much as you can, so you can help as many people as you can... and along the way be sure to enjoy the ride to its fullest. It is a phenomenal ride if you do it right. You will be amazed at how much blessing God will pour out on your life if you do this business and do it right. We did not make excuses regarding lack of time, cost of products and the age of our children. We also never complained that we didn’t have sufficient money for tools and functions. We gave this business our first priority. We thank God for the wisdom to make this decision. Our advice on building a strong and large organization would be for you to establish your Why! This makes it possible for others to understand where you are going and why they would like to follow you. Then determine the five to seven traits you would like your team leaders to have and develop those traits in yourself. Finally, become organized and always keep your word. If you never make excuses, you don't have to accept any!" We together believe that this business is God’s answer to our prayers, and only those who have been blessed by Him can see its potential, build it, and grow with it. We love to travel and thanks to this business we have been to many wonderful places around the world. We have been to Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Star cruise, Bintan (Indonesia), Phuket Med. Cruise (Europe), Switzerland and Australia. The beauty of this business is that people can increase the value of their lives. People are not remembered for what they did; they are remembered for how they helped other people achieve what they want. That is the reason why we like Amway business so much. It enables you to help others make significant changes in their lives. The positive association in the business helped us increase our self image. Earlier, we used to think that Amway attracted good people but what we now realize is that Amway brings out the best in the people. The combination of financial and spiritual growth that takes place in this business is not seen anywhere else in the world. We have been successful in this business due to the guidance of our upline and the team effort of our group. Amway is not only a business of making money but also a business of making life worthwhile for living. It is our dream to help as many people as possible to reach their goals and to make a difference to millions of lives. Just stay focused, follow your leader, get into the core of the system and help in the upliftment of people. . This is perhaps the only business which every person in India can use to improve the health of their loved ones through natural products and of society too. Our greatest joy comes from seeing our group succeed and flourish through their efforts in way not possible through any other business. To any person who ever wishes to do anything of real significance in his or her life, we strongly recommend that you try to understand this business can truly bring and all that it has to offer, because, in spite of what some people may say, this business can truly bring about a remarkable improvement in your life in many, many ways. We now have a mission to help as many families as possible in the world to achieve financial freedom.

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