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R.P & Chandra Singh
RP & Chandra Singh.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Jyothi Bakshi & Gursharann Siingh
Notes:When Dream is Big Enough, Facts Do not Count.

I was born in a small village in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh & come from lower middle class family. From my childhood I thought that engineers were rich people and my parents wanted that I should become an Engineer. Due to that strong dream, I did my M.Tech from I.I.T.Delhi. With hard earn degree in hand, I was always thinking of become a Civil Servant due to some very strong reason but soon realized that my destiny is not here. Through my hard work and with the help of my friend, I opened an educational institute in Dehradun. Through the team and hard work, I lived a small portion of my dream while producing Civil Servants from my institute. During that time, a stranger showed me Amway plan. I was reluctant in the beginning but after exploring, I joined this business to make an extra income. We are thankful to GOD that we took the decision and we were blessed with a very strong team, I took business very fast to platinum level. We discovered helping others to fulfill their dreams in life gives us too much satisfaction and we feel blessed that Amway has given this chance in our life. We are proud of Amway plan and products because it has given us RESPECT, LOVE & SECURITY. I got married to Chandra in 2000 and we both build this business from Platinum to Diamond level whole heartily as full time. Chandra is post graduate in food and nutrition from BHU, Varansi. God has blessed us with two sons SAI GIRDHAR & PRABHAT. Our children are the reason to build business to greater heights. Decision to Go Diamond was there for many years but we made it even strong & worked in a very focused way this year. This business has given us mind-set to succeed in life & achieve significance. Traveling abroad was our dream and Amway has taken us many countries with great hospitality. Amway is for common people who have uncommon dreams. We enjoy working with our downline team and pray for their success & our thankful to our uplines for their great support. We have taken Amway Business as a complete package to fulfill all our dreams & desire. "IN OUR CASE THE BEST IS YET TO COME. WE BELIEVE THAT WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD. DON'T REST TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED."

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