Manjeet Kaur & Amarjit Singh Khurana

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Manjeet Kaur & Amarjit Singh Khurana
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Anil & Bindu Narang

We are Amarjit & Manjeet Khurana from Ludhiana. Amarjit is a post- graduate in commerce and cost accountant by qualification and was Sr. Branch Manager in National insurance co Ltd. Before starting his own business. Manjeet is a graduate(Hons.) in psychology and was a national player of basketball. We are blessed with two children Harbir and Guneet. A stranger presented the Amway business plan to us. In the initial stage we could not visualize the scope of the business and was not serious about it. We were not sure whether it will work for us or not. But we just asked ourselves “what if this could work for us? We attended couple of seminars and realize the potential of this business.Now we feel It was the most important decision we ever made. We are thankful to God for our success to this level. It happened because of the guidance and support of our upline.Through this business we have been able to fulfill many of our dreams. Besides making money, Amway Business also helps us to understand the value of ethics, integrity,spirituality,positive attitude and the power of setting goals. There were times in our business when we were not as productive but we always had a belief in the business and ourselves. we always had a success when we went back to the basics. During the journey of our success, we learned “lock on to your goals, work hard, pray to the God and don’t give up until you have achieved it. The most vital thing we do is to educate people about how to own and operate their own successful Amway business and let me tell you this business is all about helping people, If you want to succeed in this business be ready to help enough number of people to achieve their dreams This business gives ultimate satisfaction when others acknowledge your help and efforts.We now look forward in achieving even greater success by helping others achieve their dreams.