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Peter & Helen McKenna
Peter helen mckenna.png
Pin: Diamond (1990)
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Hand, Ted & Sue & Rob


February 1980


Diamond August 1990

Success Story

Peter & Helen McKenna were living in Melbourne, Victoria when they started in Amway in February of 1980. After 10 years they achieved the level of Diamond in August of 1990. They live in Queensland and head up Team MAK which consists of 13 Diamonds throughout Australia. They have one of the biggest Amway organisations in the country. They have two sons, both of them being involved in the business. Peter and Helen also have an international business which saw them qualify as Emerald's in the United Kingdom. They also have a Diamond downline in China.

Both Peter and Helen grew up with parents who were self employed and who encouraged them both to gain a good education to equip them for the world ahead. By the time they were in their twenties they were ensconced in their respective careers of Air Traffic Control (Peter) and Teaching (Helen). Meeting after travelling extensively in their late twenties, they married and continued to focus on their careers.

After a couple of years together, they began to look around at businesses, primarily for Helen. The development of the Amway business model was in its infancy in Australia but its potential attracted them both. In the year they started they each had taken on new job roles and had their first child. Despite their busyness they managed, by leveraging their time, to put into place a business foundation that would bring in enough income in the second year to enable Helen to leave a teaching career permanently.

Peter was able to retire from his air traffic control career prematurely at 40 years of age and the family moved from Melbourne to live on the Gold Coast, which has been their home for over 20 years. They have raised their two sons in an environment where neither boy has experienced their parents working traditional jobs, which is due to the ongoing income their parents have enjoyed all these years.

Peter and Helen travel extensively both locally and abroad and have a number of real estate investments in the South East Queensland area from which they draw additional lifestyle income. Their advice to those who are looking towards their future, “Give this industry the thorough research it deserves and we hope that you will capture the potential of the opportunity that Amway provides.”

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