McCulloch, Leigh & Cathy

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Leigh & Cathy McCulloch
Pin: Diamond - 2004
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Light, Peter & Ginny

Leigh & Cathy McCulloch joined Amway sometime before 1993 (they had reached platinum in September 1993). In 2004 they reached the level of Diamond. They live in Victoria and are part of the McKenna LOS.


For 25 years Leigh was firmly entrenched in the corporate business world. Leigh explained, “I was pretty much at desperation point, we couldn’t work any harder than we were, we had seven full or part time jobs between us, just trying to survive”. The business opportunity came along, from a guy at Leigh’s work, then Leigh looked at it from every angle and felt, compared to a whole range of other options he was looking at that, ”this was the best opportunity with the lowest risk he had seen”. Leigh knew that one day he may be on the ‘wrong side’ of a corporate merger and had been actively looking for a way for he an Cathy to consolidate their effort, earn the same money, but not continually putting in such a huge effort. From his corporate accountant training, Leigh even did a Dunn & Bradstreet check on Amway and found they had the highest rating of any company in the world!

As you could imagine, for Cathy, time was initially a big issue. As she says, “I wasn’t really keen on getting involved because I was already busy with our four children and all the committees I was involved with, plus jobs. Leigh has always been a great time manager but I was definitely not”.

The success they have achieved is definitely worth the effort. As Leigh says, “I look at it like this – most people are restricted by time and money as to what they can do and when they can do it. That is not an issue with us anymore. We now have choices which I believe is just as life should be.” Leigh has always loved his involvement in team sports, and this business gave him the same thrill of victory by being part of a team. “It’s exciting to be a part of other people’s victories now”, say Leigh.

Leigh points out that a critical element to their success has been the training and development system. “The knowledge and confidence gained from the combination of CDs of people who have ‘been there, done that’, books to help me grow on the inside, functions to give me belief and wisdom from my mentors has helped us in all areas of our life.” Cathy adds, “We are normal everyday people who have been able to achieve great things in this business. To that end we are a great example to people everywhere that anything is possible and you can achieve your dreams.”

With the way our business model is currently positioned in the marketplace, knowing that it has been able to adapt to significant changes in technology over time, Leigh says, “There’s no better model for manufacturers and service providers to get their goods to the market. It’s exciting to play our part in creating market change!”