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Peter & Beth Grace
Pin: Diamond - 1992
Markets: Australia

Team MAK

LOS Upline: McKenna, Peter & Helen

Peter & Beth Grace started their Amway business in May 1983. After 9 years they reached the Diamond level in 1992. They are part of the McKenna LOS and live in Victoria. They have 3 beautiful children Hayley, Thomas and Nicholas. Hayley is in her first year at uni studying business, Tom is currently in year 10 and Nick in year 8

Success Story

After marring in 1982, Peter was working in the building industry as a plasterer and Beth was working as an accounts clerk with a large advertising agency. Peter in particular started to look at some of his co-workers who had been involved in the industry for a longer period of time and realised that their lifestyle was in fact no better, they were just older doing the same thing.

At that time Pete went back to night school, thinking that furthering his education was going to be the answer to their future. It was during that year 1983 that they saw the sales and marketing plan and Peter could see the potential from day one. Beth, although not negative, was a little sceptical and had a “see how we go” attitude.

After attending some of the early functions it didn’t take long for Beth to get on board. “We were certainly not world-beaters or record holders – in fact it took us 7 months to register our first IBO! Our commitment to our business really began after attending a winter conference in the USA where we realised that had what it took, but we just needed to get focused”.

“We achieved the 7500-point level after 3 years and after 5 years Beth stopped work to become a mum.” Peter stopped work after 8 years of when they reached the Diamond level at the age of 32!. “Working a little harder for 8 years to buy back 33 year of his working life, what a great deal!!”, exclaim Peter.

“We now have 3 kids Hayley 20 Tom 18 and Nick 16. We love having a business that allows us to be full time parents and enjoy all the fantastic things time and money can provide. This opportunity has us allowed us to do and experience things we could only have ever dreamed about if we had continued to do what we were doing.”