Bauer, Friederike & Johannes

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Friederike & Johannes Bauer
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Austria

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline: Mondel Gertrude
Notes:F&J Bauer

In the following lines we would like to show you, how we did it from employee to boss of or own business. We, Friedi & Hannes Bauer, Friedi bureauemployee in the touristic branche, Hannes master of stonecutting as learned profession are entrepreneurs for more than 20 years now.

Hannes' big goal always was autonomy. Because one thing we knew: There are two different types of people. One of them go in for something, the others wait for something to happen. We decided to belong to the first type of people, but the way was not obvious and clear. We only knew, that we won't work for others all life long. Because as long as we are employees, we have limits, set from our bosses. For this time was worth too much for us. This time we wanted to spend with our family, we did not want to sell our time to others.

When we got to know our business plan the first time, we decided quickly and realised, that the way with this business plan is our way to a harmonic family, more spare time, financial wealth, personal development, freedom and autonomy. Even today we often think about the time, when we wanted to change so many things, we were full of beans, looked in the future confidently but the practicable way was missing. Nowadays we are as thankful as the day we got to know our business for having somebody who thougt about us und gave us a new perspective through our business plan.

It's entirely in your hands to take action. Think about your situation today and in five years? How will your situation be when you are old? We are looking forward to get to know you personally and show you the possibility to create your future on your own. We wish you the best on our way, sincerely yours

Bauer-Family-Business Friedi & Hannes Bauer