Anil & Sandhya Shetty

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Anil & Sandhya Shetty
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Pin: Diamond (2012)
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Vemu, Srinivas & Sheela


Diamond 2012

Success Story

Anil & Sandhya Shetty

(Hotel Business & Homemaker, Surat) I am into hotel business in the Diamond City, Surat. My wife, a graduate is a homemaker. We have been blessed with a son, Eklavya.

A good friend of ours introduced us to this unique ongoing income concept. We feel truly blessed and are grateful to the almighty god for this. Earlier, our life was good enough but many of our dreams remained unfulfilled; we hardly had any free time nor could we save—we didn’t have a clue about what life-time security was all about. Hence, when we got this wonderful Directs Selling business opportunity, we held on to it because we did not want to sacrifice our dreams. Today, with this unassuming business and a powerful back up of the BWW System, we are leading a happy married life that is tension free because of the extra income and the amount of free time that we get from this business. We have come to understand the value of spending quality time with our family and have also come to realize the power of lifetime security.

We are proud of our Dream Team of Achievers and are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the highest levels in this business with the unstinted support of the BWW System. “Our good friends may not be our distributors today, but our distributors are truly our BEST FRIENDS.”

The potential of doing this business is great – with the world class products, you are sure to have the best of health; with the BWW System, you are sure to have the most of wealth; and with the unwavering support of our uplines, you are sure to have the best of the teams in this business.

Downline Diamond