Manish Kumar & Dimple Khaptawala

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Manish Kumar & Dimple Khaptawala
Manish-dimple k.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Ravi Prakash & Manjusha

Manish Kumar & Dimple Khaptawala

I was working for a reputed organization. Today, though I am young, I am leading a retired life with the financial flexibility and the time to spend with my family and friends. My wife, Dimple, is a housewife. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Riddhi. I am a big dreamer and desperately wanted make a positive change in my life. So, this business was like a God sent opportunity for me.

In the starting phase, I faced many challenges. Gradually, every hurdle became a stepping stone to success. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of this business which is honest and is completely based on the principle of ‘helping people to help themselves’. Success in this business also gives us a spiritual satisfaction, because we can contribute to the society in our own little way by helping people realize and fulfill their dreams.

We are grateful to God, our family, our uplines and our team members for supporting us. Britt Worldwide is the only university where a person learns to uplift his life by following the BWW system. Success will surely be yours if you work hard. To succeed in this business you need to be a sincere student who is ready to learn the ropes of this business from his upline. Our message is, "Think big to get big, because the best of the best in this world is waiting for people who want to be winners".