Pravin & Menaxi Patelia

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Pravin & Menaxi Patelia
Praveen & Menaxi Patelia.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Ravi Prakash & Manjusha

Pravin & Menaxi Patelia (Engineer & Housewife, Godhra, Gujarat)

My husband and I are both born in small town named Lunawada in Gujarat. We are blessed with one very energetic & sharp 12 year old son, Manthan. The dream of giving the best of the best lifestyle to our son is our fuel for building a big business.

We are both from a very humble middleclass family. I am a primary school teacher by qualification & my husband Pravin is a Mechanical Engineer and is serving as a class-1 officer in a Gujarat semi government organization.

I never wanted to take up a job as I was of opinion that best job for a woman is to take care of kids & family members and create a loving environment at home.

My husband and I are big dreamers & are passionate to accomplish extra ordinary, challenging works. By God’s master plan we were informed by Pravin’s sister to attend a Britt seminar. She was not in the business, but had overheard some good things about this great business opportunity.

That evening had changed our life. In that seminar coincidently we met Pravin’s childhood school friend, who is now our great mentor for this great business. In that meeting we also met people who believed in what they were doing and were excited about it. This excited and well-disciplined environment attracted us to this business.

The biggest reward of this business is establishing meaningful, personal & spiritual growth, and being able to help others help themselves.

Initially, we built this business in distant rural areas and faced many challenges. Nobody in our circle believed that success was possible in this business in our particular area. But with clarity of vision and a strong commitment we just moved ahead. We are very much thankful to our upline mentor who guides us throughout and helped us achieve success. We have the best of the best upline in the world. We are also thankful to our team of distributors who are our warriors and who are capable in succeeding in any type of challenges.

We feel in order to succeed in this business we should only dream of a positive future for our family. The secret of success lies in “persistence hard work” and in following the cardinal rules consistently and with patience.

Now we are enjoying a quality lifestyle and association of thousands quality friends world wide. By this business we could touch lives of many people.

Our sincere thanks to the BWW system for providing us a great environment that helped us reach Diamond Direct level.