Suryakumari & Varaprasad Pillarisetti

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Suryakumari & Varaprasad Pillarisetti
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Rastogi, Chetan & Vineeta

(Government Service & Homemaker, Visakhapatnam)

I am working for a public sector company and my wife is a housewife. I was actively involved in politics for the last 20 years. I soon realized that the only thing that I earned was tension, debts and stress not only for me but also for my family.

We were broke and were desperately looking for ways of getting rid of our debts when we came to know about Direct Selling business. When we saw the Direct Selling business plan, we realized the potential of this business and the ethics and values involved in it. Many of our friends discouraged us from joining this business but we were firm in our decision and within 4 years we became Emeralds.

Today, we are enjoying a lifestyle that very few can afford. I don’t have any job tensions and my children will not have to work for anybody for the sake of money because we have given financial flexibility as a legacy to them.

We are now on the path of making history by changing the economic scenario of people with the help of DIRECT SELLING BUSINESS and BRITT WORLDWIDE.

“If We Can Do It, Anybody, Anywhere Can Do It…”