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Chetan & Vineeta Rastogi
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Sajid & sarvat sayyad, Diamond 2011

Downline Diamond

Success Story

Chetan Rastogi, the engineering manager of a large automotive manufacturer, was looking for a few sound investments to make the most of his money. He asked a colleague for advice and, in turn, was asked, “Do you want to invest your money or your time?” That was Chetan’s introduction to the Quixtar Independent Business Ownership Plan.

Meanwhile, Vineeta had just earned her MBA and took a position as chief financial officer of a small company. She wanted supplemental income to help pay off her student loans. “I asked my older sister for advice because I’ve always valued her opinion,” says Vineeta. “But when she started telling me about the Plan, I really wasn’t interested. I just wanted get rid of some debts, not start a business.” Still, out of respect, Vineeta listened.

Today, Chetan and Vineeta are happy they took that early advice because it launched them on a path that led to success – and to each other. However, they sometimes wonder whether they’d be married today if they’d met before becoming IBOs.

“We weren’t alike at all,” explains Vineeta, a self-described “people person” who loves to cook and entertain. “Chetan was a serious and focused academic with three graduate degrees. I, on the other hand, had just worked very hard for my MBA – both in the classroom and doing just about every menial job in the book – and had landed a great position as a CFO. I was ready to have some fun.”

But by the time they met, they’d both grown through the business. “Chetan developed an ability to relate to people and reach out to others,” says Vineeta. “And I learned to stay focused on my goals – and appreciate that quality in others.”

“We’ve been good for each other,” agrees Chetan.

Once they started working together, the Rastogis developed a common sense of direction and a shared vision of the American dream.

No roadblocks

“We both knew the kind of leadership skills we wanted to develop and practice,” says Vineeta. “And I recognized all the necessary qualities in Chetan – honesty, humility, and a willingness to serve. Even if a challenge is uncomfortable for him – like speaking before a large group, approaching new people, or being straightforward with someone who is struggling – Chetan pushes forward.”

“Vineeta’s confidence and optimism keep everyone moving,” says Chetan. “She’s always the one to point out the light at the end of the tunnel and encourage others to ride out the ups and downs. She simply refuses to see challenges as failures. To her, they’re nothing more than bumps in the road.”

Married for 10 years, Chetan and Vineeta enjoy spending family time with their six-year-old son, Aneesh, who loves that his parents can make time for biking, rollerblading, and swimming. Chetan’s goals include learning to sail and fly, and Vineeta thrives on long weekends in New York where, as she puts it, “I keep my shopping skills sharp.” Both love to travel, and are able to take frequent trips back to their native India where they have friends and family – and a growing business powered by Quixtar.

“Our goal isn’t just to achieve the American dream,” says Chetan. “We also want to share it with others – around the U.S., in India, or wherever the journey takes us.”