Sunny Sarabjeet Sehgal

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Sunny Sarabjeet Sehgal
Sunny & Seema.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Gala, Kanti & Hemi

First of all we would like to thank god for providing this wonderful opportunity, the Amway business. I was born and brought up in Bangalore, Karnataka. By educational background, I am an electrical engineer and have a traditional business. My wife Seema has pursued a B.A. degree in Psychology. We got married after I attained the Diamond level in the Amway business.Today both of us are building this business with passion Before I joined the Amway business I used to dream about good living, through this business we are living our dreams. In this business, apart from the financial growth I have been through a lot of spiritual and personal growth and I believe these are intangible things which money cannot buy and my traditional business would not have given me. In this business you can only succeed by helping other We also believe that this is the only opportunity that transcends race, color, religion, education and background………anyone can do it! We feel proud of ourselves as we believe we are adding value to people’s lives. The Amway business gives us wealth, health, recognition, great friendships and keeps us stress free as the money we earn is the outcome of helping others succeed in life. This business is a true example of people helping people to help themselves. The Amway business is the best opportunity. This is the only business which can gives you freedom, time and money at the same time. On joining this business I kept debating, what if this business does not work and what if it works. I had nothing to lose since there was no risk as the investment is very low. Also it is a flexible program which can be pursued part time as well along with your job or business or studies. And moreover, there is a very powerful mentorship program which is almost free. We have a wonderful family who has helped me tremendously to succeed in this business. Our uplines are like parents to us as they have mentored us through every situation along the way. We have sponsored my sister Pooja and brother Ronnie who will be qualified Diamonds very soon. Our parents have been a huge part of my success. I learnt the joy of giving and sharing from my mother and the value of work ethics from my father. This business has truly got our family very united and we enjoy traveling to exotic locations around the world together. Through this business we have been able to move to a better house, drive better cars and give the best lifestyle to our parents and ourselves This is just the beginning the best is yet to come! We strongly believe that this is the best time to build the Amway business. As Amway is the market leader in the Direct Selling industry, we see a great potential ahead in this industry. We are very excited about our Diamond lifestyle and even more excited and passionate about helping other people. We strongly believe that India is going to be Amway’s largest market in the world