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Steve & Julie Ridley
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Pin: Diamond (1994)
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Youngblood, Ray & Carroll


Success Story

Steve and Julie Ridley saw the business plan in 1988, when one of Steve's clients asked them to go to an open meeting to see a former lawyer, Paul Miller. Steve was a senior partner at a prominent New Orleans law firm, representing many Fortune 500 companies as a management labour lawyer, and Julie had been looking for an opportunity after leaving her job as a marketing director for an engineering firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Steve and Julie both graduated from L.S.U., Steve with a law degree, and Julie with a master's in marketing. Steve was born in Baton Rouge, LA, and grew up in Texas. Julie was born in Honduras, Central America, but both of her parents are from the Holy Land in the Middle East.

Until Steve attended a major conference in Atlanta where he saw Bill Britt, he was too busy practicing law and serving as Vice-Chairman of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce to give his full attention to the business. The Ridleys reached the Emerald level in 1992, and Steve cut back his law practice to half-time, with a corresponding fifty percent reduction in income from his law career.

By this time, Steve and Julie decided that the lifestyle of a Diamond was far superior to the legal profession, which left no time for family or friends. The Ridleys reached Diamond in February 1994, and look forward to seeing others in their group enjoy the Diamond lifestyle.

"This business is unique in the business world, because it is the only business where successful millionaires dedicate themselves to helping others reach the same pinnacle of success," says Steve. "This mentoring program is the key to all success in the business, and it is a relationship which begins with the concept that all of us have equal worth and have the same opportunity."

Steve and Julie have a large number of professionals in their group, who see the business as a way to create not only time and money, but also a sense of security based on individual effort and commitment to others that is practically nonexistent in the corporate world today. "Corporate restructuring, downsizing, and international competition have created a white collar wasteland of laid-off executives and professionals, which have, in turn, created a vast new pool of prospects who might not have taken a serious look at the opportunity before," says Steve.

The Ridleys feel the most important benefit of their success in the business was to restore balance in their lives, and to get their spiritual and family priorities in proper alignment. "Working couples with latchkey children who spend little time with their parents cause all sorts of social problems, especially with fathers having no time to spend with their boys," says Steve. "This opportunity is a way to help the family survive these rough and tumble times."