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Amway Panama
Local Name: Amway Panamá
Launch: 1 July 1985
Est. # IBOs:
Est. Sales:
Est. population: unknown
Note: Amway Latin America

Amway Panama, which began operations on July 1, 1985, was the pioneer affiliate for Amway in Latin America. Other multilevel marketing companies have come into the country, but Amway Panama has maintained its position as the leader in this field. It has also served as the base for the openings of other Amway affiliates in Latin America.

Amway Panama is the exclusive distribution vehicle for Amway Corporation in Panama. Amway distributes several hundred AMWAY™ products through a distribution network of thousands of Independent Business Owners. Because of their association with Amway, IBOs enjoy special discounts from partner companies that offer a variety products and services.


Founders Executive Diamond

Jurado, Carlos & Yasmin (2015)


Rosa Batista & Fidel Jaramillo (2015)



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