P.Malar & D.S.P.Selvam

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P.Malar & D.S.P.Selvam
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: S. Paulraj & Sagayamary

P.Malar & D.S.P.Selvam

Both of us belong to Agricultural families. I became the publishing editor of a leading Tamil business monthly ‘Etrumathi Ulagam’. Malar is also a journalist and supported me in running the magazine successfully. I was also worked an export consultant and received the best author award for ‘Neengalum etrumathi seiyalaam’ from the Govt of Tamil Nadu. I was conducting industrial exhibitions abroad. We had money, social recognition, family concept and foreign trips. Life was superb. But one incident turned our lives upside down…

We met with heavy losses in exports. We lost everything except our hope. We sold our car, and used-up our savings. It was during this time that we realized the importance of ‘SECURITY’.

We started doing the Amway business in our spare time -mainly on weekends. BWW system helped us a lot to do this business smartly. Initially, my wife was resistant because it seemed too good to believe!! But my consistency, quality of the products and her people friendly nature changed her gradually and now we enjoy every minute building the Amway business! Thanks to BWW and Amway, our family is enjoying secured ongoing residual income.

We deeply thank our uplines, teammates & our lovely and loving children Abinaya and Ashok.

We traveled wherever required to service our team. Now we are traveling worldwide every year!

The mantra is simple… We follow the system 100%. Secret of success in AMWAY business is doing little things every day, being in the system and you’ll end up with great results.

Develop an attitude “Whatever it takes I am going to make it!”

Nobody can make you or break you! You are the key for your success. Keep your dreams ALIVE! YOU CAN DO IT!