Gojendro Singh & Surbala Devi Mayanglambam

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Gojendro Singh & Surbala Devi Mayanglambam
Gojendra Singh & Surbala Devi.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Bhabeshwor & Indira Khundrakpam

We come from a small town in Manipur called ‘Kakchina.’ My wife is a homemaker. My life before the Amway business cannot be termed as pleasant in any angle. I was the only son in the family. My father expired when I was just nine years old, and my expired when I was approx. 22 years old. I had no vision or dreams. My life could be termed as worthless.

My life completely changed after I joined the Amway business. Today, I am retired at the age of 35. I have traveled to many exciting destinations across the world in the last 6/7 years. I no longer have to work for money. Today, I work because I want to help people to achieve their dreams. I feel any one can make the most of life through the Amway business.