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Clement & Anita Fu
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador (2014) [1]
Markets: Hong Kong, United States, Canada, China


LOS Upline: Hays, Brian & Marg
Notes:First Chinese Crown Ambassador and First woman Crown Ambassador

aka 傅南生、吳彩雲夫婦

Chronology of Achievements

7/1981 Joined
1/1983 Direct Distributor
5/1983 Pearl
2/1984 Emerald
4/1985 Diamond
8/1987 Executive Diamond
8/1989 Double Diamond
8/1990 Triple Diamond
7/1991 Crown
8/1991 Crown Ambassador
2003 Founders Council Member
8/2014 Founders Crown Ambassador

Success Story

source: Amway Hong Kong

Prior to joining Amway, Clement was a Sales Representative and Anita a Customer Services Officer in a renowned courier firm. Though Anita was favoured by her boss because of her outstanding performance, she realised that her development in the company was limited. But in Amway, sky is the limit. Having their business spanning Hong Kong, China, the U.S. and Canada, the couple would like to thank Amway for their success.

The achievement of Clement and Anita is proven; they have reached the highest pin at Amway - Crown Ambassador. The secrets of Anita's success are commitment, hard work, positive thinking and concentration. The Amway business has set a clear target for her. She can go ahead with full force, like a blindfolded horse.

To Anita, a splendid life is based on a secure financial ground. "At Amway, you earn your rewards and awards after you plough in your efforts, unlike other business which insert a time gap in between."

Now the couple divides their time most wisely, between work and leisure, between business-building and community welfare.

When asked about what a person should do during economic downturn, Clement has this to say, "Opportunity springs precisely from such a moment. Ours is a long term business, and temporary economic downturn has no impact on our business." "And the key is to pitch in with your best, once your target is set," added Anita.


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